This website is dedicated to helping those less fortunate than ourselves financially and at the same time providing a way for the average person to own a little art work without breaking the bank.

All the photos on this site are being offered for the cost of printing and shipping plus $10.00. The extra $10.00 is then given directly to a charity.

The charity being supported right now is called Souls Harbor of America here in Joplin Missouri. All the profit from the photos will be going to help then renovate their kitchen.

This is just my way of giving back to my community and the people that have encouraged me in my photography journey.

Thank you and God Bless,
Tim Wemple

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I would like to give a big thanks to Peppino D'Agostino for allowing me to use his song "Close to Heaven". You can find out more about him and his music at http:/​/​peppinodagostino.​com/​

Tim Wemple

My photography business is named after a book entitled "Ruthless Trust" by Brennan Manning. Webster's dictionary defines the adjective ruthless as "without pity." Manning in his book uses it in the context of "without self-pity." We must trust God without self-pity, because only in this way can we truly find our way to God. "The story of salvation-history indicates that without exception trust must be purified in the crucible of trial." Only when we trust God without self-pity can we make our way to God and the life he desires us to live. This has been my own personal journey as well, and this website, and my photography, are dedicated to God's love and kindness because through the trials of life he has purified my faith. May God richly bless you with his love and compassion through the people who have been tested by fire.

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